Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I wanted a pet since I could remember. I used to pester my mom and my dad again and again about how great it would be to have a pet at home--especially a cat. I promised that I'd keep up with caring for kitty and I'd scoop the litter and feed her.

Sound like familiar territory to anyone?

My parents eventually caved when I was in late elementary school and I got my wish.

Over the years, we became the best of friends. She tidied the socks I left around the house and helped protect me when I was being scolded for something. She kept my mom on her toes and chewed the wires only when my mom was looking. She knew all her meal times and promptly notified us when it was exactly 6pm (or 6:30am, for that matter).

When I left for school, I saw her less and I guess I never really noticed it but she wasn't young anymore. In early 2010, she was diagnosed with a genetic heart problem and the cardiologist told us she wasn't going to get past June.

But this kiddo was a fighter and she made it a whole year while keeping us busy with all her hijinks. Ever try pilling a cat successfully? We were doing this twice daily. And she was considered "easy". Despite being sick, she kept the house lively and there was never a dull moment. She even managed to keep the little one in check.

Lots of people talk about rescuing animals and taking care of them; the animals were fortunate to have those to care for them. But, in our case, I know we were the ones who were fortunate to have her.

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