Thursday, January 7, 2016

Social Media Updates

As I posted previously, I am returning to school while continuing to work at the clinic and keeping up all the other things I already do. So, in an effort to keep things fresh, you can now follow my adventures through Instagram and see what Bucky and Stanley are up to, on their very own Facebook page!!



Follow Bucky & Stanley!
Follow the adventures of Bucky & Stanley!

It might seem like old people trying to use technology for a while but Rome wasn't built in a day. Get social with me, on the right hand nav bar and see what I'm up to when I'm not in front of a computer composing a blog post!

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Chapter: 2016 Revived and Revised

I like to think that each year brings new opportunities and chances to improve upon the previous year's shenanigans. I wanted to make this year even more special than it is and track my progress and share it with others to keep myself accountable.

I am returning to school for 2 semesters, then I'm going to apply to vet college to see if I can get in. I thought about it while I was off work but the thoughts only realized themselves during a conversation with Dr. N and EB at work; where we were talking about our perspectives on careers, as children. After EB and Dr. N each discussed a few professions, the words rolled off my tongue without any prior thought, "I've always wanted to be a veterinarian." I wasn't prepared for the statement to be so firm since the end goal is really far away and I've been discussing back-ups and "what ifs", as well as not attaching my brain to the concept of being disappointed if I don't get in. But, that doesn't matter because I know my goal, I know my limits and my abilities and I have an amazing support network.

In addition to going back for full semesters (commuting and not living on campus), I will continue to work at the clinic and learn as much as I can and get the exposure I need. I will also be keeping up the household chores and responsibilities, including my two fur-babies. My goals for this year are...


  • Efficiently use the time I have in between school or work and make good decisions about when not to go to lecture--see snow storms/white-out conditions.
  • Get really interested in what I'm learning about--even if it's about something that's boring. I love math!! *groan*
  • Take opportunities to learn at work.
  • Make school the priority.
  • Don't sleep-in on the week days--use the time.


  • Extend the chain-link fence along the busy road so that I can keep Bucky and Stanley somewhat contained in the backyard.
  • Keep up on house chores.
  • Cook as often as possible.
  • Continue Stanley's training and desensitization: goal to go for non-traumatic car rides and have him around people when company is over.
  • Train Bucky to leash walk down the street and back (this might be a little ambitious but let's give it a try! He already goes about 1/3 of the block like a dog would then starts to get distracted with other things.)


  • Be okay with riding once a week while in school, if that's what it takes.
  • Don't get too down if progress slows this year; keep up with stable life in other ways.


  • Hang out with my family at least once a month for dinner/lunch--this should be easy considering I live on the kitty corner.
  • Regularly get in touch with my brother.
  • Make an effort to visit my IL's at least once a month and not complaining the entire time--it's really not that bad... I'm just being a baby about it.


  • Reduce the frivolous social activities that don't add value to what makes me happy and aids in my personal growth and progress.
  • Try to move into another section of the cat rescue I volunteer with to try something new.
  • Say "no" and don't apologize or feel bad about it.
  • Make the effort to get together with IG, TW, BM and DB in the new year (first half of the year) at least once.


  • I'll take finishing the Christmas book I'm reading now, the "choose your own adventure" gift I got and I'll take whatever I can fit in, from my previous lists but won't get too upset if I don't get around to a lot.
  • Seriously consider Scarlet's proposal at a book club and see if/how I can fit it into my schedule but accept it if it's not possible.
I think I've got quite the year ahead of me and all these goals are rather ambitious! I am looking forward to my new adventures and hoping that the universe will assist me in getting to where I want to be.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Two School Masters

For my first horsey post for the year, I wanted to review my recent transition of changing horses and what my thoughts have been. I have returned to ride Ariel a couple lessons ago after riding Bons for several weeks. I honestly didn't think that there would be such a difference or adjustment mentally but I was surprised. I started jumping on Bons and doing a few very short (like 3 jumps) courses because I was still nervous. He's the complete opposite of Ariel in the way he rides where there is a lot more horse in front, underneath and even behind--it's like driving a bus. I did mentally graduate from needing to wear my riding vest but I still struggle with several other things.

Upon returning to ride Ariel, I immediately felt the difference: Ariel felt like a pony beneath me. Her neck is short and she's shorter in general. It suddenly felt odd and strange but I didn't take long to get back into the swing of things: they felt comfortable and practiced.
  • Ariel will take that little X like it's a big X even at the trot. Bons will scoff at it and trot over like it was a trot pole.
  • Ariel is excited to see me and comes to the paddock gate. Bons will take one look and walk to the far side of the paddock.
  • Ariel is social and enjoys the company of humans. Bons could care less and would likely rather be doing his own thing.
  • Ariel changes gait on a dime. Bons takes half the arena long side to transition down.
  • Ariel is an 'uphill' horse and doesn't drag me down and forward. Bons is a 'heavy on the forehand' horse and will drag me forward without me even noticing.
  • Ariel has the attitude of a typical female. Bons is a compliant gelding.
  • Ariel hates face contact and prefers a rider to use their seat/leg. Bons likes seat/leg but doesn't get all worked up with facial man-handling by yours truly.
  • Ariel is trained well but Bons is trained impeccably from birth.
I consider both to be fantastic school masters and I am learning differently from each of them. I have had a lot of time with Ariel and I look forward to continue riding her but I also recognize that Bons will push my learning and get past some of the other subjects like rein contact and the floaty warm-blood gaits. So, as this year starts up, I will be moving forward with a mixture of the old and new.

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