Friday, April 13, 2012

Caine's Arcade

Like many people, I look forward to Fridays. I'd say that this week was the one where I looked forward to the weekend the most. Getting through the day was tough, needless to say. The week had been bad and wasn't looking like it was going to get better any time soon. But, I got an email from a friend... totally changed my perspective. Thanks DC for helping my awful week end on a high note. Check it out

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be Like Jiro


Jiro Ono.

He is the owner and head sushi chef of Sukiyabashi Jiro--a Michelin Guide 3-star restaurant in Ginza, Chuo-ko, Tokyo, Japan. He is considered the greatest sushi chef in the world. I went to watch the documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" at the TIFF Lightbox and let me tell you: WOW.

If you ever thought about sushi as just being some raw fish slapped ontop of rice and that it's something any schmuck can do, you are dead wrong. It's an art.

The documentary explores Jiro's life and his one true love: making perfect (even he says it's not but really, it's got to be) sushi. He's devoted his entire life to making sushi. On the surface, the movie seems a mere documentary about Jiro's life and his love. But when you really look at it, you see that this one man has committed to something whole-heartedly and for his entire life. He's found something that speaks to him and it has become his soul. He is what they coin a shokunin: The Japanese word shokunin is defined by both Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries as ‘craftsman’ or ‘artisan,’ but such a literal description does not fully express the deeper meaning.  The Japanese apprentice is taught that shokunin means not only having technical skills, but also implies an attitude and social consciousness. … The shokunin has a social obligation to work his/her best for the general welfare of the people.  This obligation is both spiritual and material, in that no matter what it is, the shokunin’s responsibility is to fulfill the requirement.” – Tasio Odate

In this day and age, everything is quick quick quick. We're always jumping from one thing to the next without ever thinking about sticking around or in further depth. If this docu-movie doesn't ruin your for mainstream sushi, it will at the very least, make you rethink your life as you know it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Break

Everyone always asks where I'm off to, during the long weekend. I went... nowhere. Well, that's not true. I didn't leave the comfort of my home for a fancy vacation that was potentially expensive. I had a STAY-CATION! Yep, I just made up a word. But, it doesn't matter because I had a great long weekend.

On Friday, I started the day by visited the All About Pets Show at the International Center in Mississauga. There were cats, dogs, parrots, monkeys, ponies and several other types of exotic pets there. I took AD to do some research: what does getting a dog involve? Was the mission a success? I'd sure say so!!! No more doggie coming this way. Phew. I thought I had to get up earlier to walk that little critter. I do love dogs and all animals but I really don't love them more than I love my sleep and freedom. And let's face it, dogs are bred for a purpose and without it, they get b-o-r-e-d. Have you ever seen a dog that has way too much energy? It's not exactly a walk in the park (ha ha! get it? walk in the park???)

We saw this war plane memorial in a park that was easily missed. It's interesting when you find little "treasures" like that. And since I didn't take any photos at the show...

No, there isn't someone still up there...
 Dandelions already out in bloom.
 and our beloved little "Sharkie"

Our next stop? Catch up on the Game of Thrones. Waiting a week was already too much! Unfortunately, I felt a little let down from the one episode. It's probably because I have NO clue about what's going on :( Looks like I'm going to have to wizz through the other books on my "list" so I can get to the second book sooner!

I'm going to devote another post about my new found "cultural food" since it does deserve the highlight. Till the next post!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Stars

Well, kind of? We haven't had much of a winter this year so it hasn't been a significant change, I'd say. I went out to take some photos today since it was so nice after work. That, and I got off early and headed home.
 The peonies have started to show

New leaves from a bush

Photos were taken with a relatively low aperture setting under the "sunlight" setting and relatively fast shutter speeds.

Yay spring!