Monday, June 11, 2012

Source with Integrity

This is just one of the mottos that Loblaw has decided to make part of their "responsibility". It's about time, I say. I've always said that people should be making better choices for themselves, their health, their children's health and the health of the planet. But let's face it, we're all busy people and many of us are just trying to keep afloat with what we have and what we are provided. Which means that most of us don't have the time to go sourcing out healthy foods for ourselves and doing the proper research. I don't have kids, nor am I married and I still live at home so a lot is done for me.

I see though, that people make the weekly/daily run to the local grocers as the means just to complete one more tasks on their huge list of things to accomplish. If they had to think any more about where to find it and travel across town for that sustainable naturally raised chicken, it just wouldn't happen. And at the end of the day, feeding their families in the immediate is much more important.

So, it comes down to accessibility and availability. I hate to say it but big box stores are where most people flock to. Gone is the days of your local grocer whom you know the name of and you actually have a relationship with. You get in, you get what you need and you get the heck out of there. You might not even know where your food is from!

I'm glad to read that Loblaw is going to be sourcing responsibly only, thereby removing the alternative of cheap and damaging goods.

They have 3 key targets for this year:
  • Source 100% of all beef and pork from Canada and 30% of produce from Canadian growers 
  • Source 100% of the seafood sold in our stores from sustainable sources by year-end 2013
  • Source palm oil contained in all control brand products from sustainable sources by year-end 2015

With the following priorities:
  • Source close to home to support local, regional and national Canadian producers/growers and to give our customers fresh, wholesome food
  • Source ethically from Canadian and international vendors who share our values and uphold high standards of quality, integrity and social responsibility
  • Work to ensure the health and vitality of our food sources, including oceans


I think this is a start in the right direction and hope they continue to move this way. They have more to improve upon but I still think this is moving towards the right way. At least we're getting local and buying from/supporting our own country men and women.

(Next topic/theme: Loblaw's overview of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report)