Monday, January 16, 2012

Larry Welcomes Feedback and Comments

This video was shared with me via Facebook.

Larry Smith is by far, one of the most pragmatic lecturers/speakers I have ever had the privilege to listen to. I took his Econ 102 (Intro to Macroeconomics) class in my second year at the recommendation of several students who had just heard about the sheer popularity of his lectures. Most of the lectures which he had were not just full of his students, but students who dropped in and weren't registered!

I found out what a TED talk is this year after reading an article in the Toastmaster monthly magazine and after my mom showed me another talk held by a doctor who happened to cure her own MS. So far, what I've seen of the TED talks, there has been some very engaging speeches by people from all walks of life, on all sorts of topics. Literally, if you can think it, it probably has been talked about or, it is an eligible topic.

Anyways, Prof. Smith speaks to a bright-eyed undergraduate class about their future (which is pretty dim, btw) and why they'll all fail. Though I'm certain that the intent is not to beat the dream or desire out of people, I feel that his talk resonates strongly because of the topic and the ideas which he touches upon in his 15 minutes.

If you've got the time/chance, certainly take the time to sit back and just listen; then think and apply.

p.s. Larry does indeed welcome feedback and/or comments

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  1. Thumbs up to the Larry Smith classes. Fear the "invisible hand"