Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting up on the Right Side of the Bed

I worked a coop job in university and had a coworker who seemed to function on very little sleep. He used to tell me, "sleep is for the weak. I will sleep when I'm good and dead."

If that's the case, I should probably be heading to a sleep gym. Last summer was the first time I really felt how sleep deprived I could be. I was doing way too many things and not sleeping enough.

"People complain about not getting enough sleep all the time... you're probably just wasting time by sitting in front of the tv or computer." I know that's what I'd tell me if I heard the complaint. But, in truth, I was running a dragon boat team (we went to Montreal too), I got pulled into a community group, an alumni group, a local cat rescue and I was also told to think about what I wanted to do with myself in the long-run. With the exception of the last item, all things that I chose to participate in. That's why the Christmas holidays was SOOO enjoyable.

The holidays helped me realize that I really needed to work on getting my sleep schedule into a routine so that I would actually get enough sleep and manage to function doing the things I wanted to do.

Enter, my Blackberry Playbook, Playberry. Berry for short.

The first app I downloaded was the sleep tracker. I've tracked a week's worth so far and I'm really getting a better idea about the sleep pattern I've been creating for myself. So far, I sleep on average, 7hr 44min. Not too shabby! The only problem is that it's looking more like a daily stock market chart than a normal established sleep pattern. Just because I sleep 12 hours one night, and 5 the other, doesn't make this, by any stretch of the imagination, sustainable or close to my goal.

Hopefully in a month's time (that's how long it takes to build in a habit, I'm told), I won't look (act, and sound) like a cast member of the Walking Dead.

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