Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bathroom Project

I wanted to take photos after work today.

My original plan was to use 30-45 minutes after work to walk up Yonge and snap photos. I found little that was inspiring. On the way home, I was lamenting to my "Companion" that I had taken zero photos for the project today because I felt no inspiration around me. He suggested that I attempt a project that a photog friend of his tried: lock yourself in your bathroom with your camera and then create a small portfolio of photos derived from your bathroom.

Crappiest project ever! I spent 30 minutes and the only things that really inspired me were the medals from my dragon boat festivals.

And my denture tablets which made an interesting macro-shot. Yes, I have denture tablets in my bathroom.

I felt that because there was so much font on the packages at different fields of depth that it initially confuses the viewer because the area in focus is not obvious. The lighting selection is also somewhat questionable. A tricky project... :(

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