Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Gonna Keep on Rollin'

For the last few years, I've been complaining about my age being a cause of the symptoms I've been experiencing... slower healing time, aches and pains, needing more sleep and possibly caring less about what others think of me.

While most things are tolerable to a variable degree, I've started considering the additional aches and pains to become a hindrance to my daily activities and disruptive to my necessary periods of focus while at work... or listening to friends talk to me about their troubles or how the day went.

I decided to up my medical coverage so that I would have the benefit of massages and I started to incorporate more stretching while nobody's looking. Even basic core strengthening is something I try to incorporate regularly while I'm standing about.

I suspect that my poor posture (which used to be perfect, like Seven) and aches and pains are caused by my lack of physical activity--particularly yoga and a sedentary work-life. It doesn't help that my desk set-up should seriously be shot.

I was watching Dragon's Den one Wednesday evening and one of the pitches that came out was called the "Travel Roller"; click here to watch the pitch.

That's Arysta Bogner-Wood, one of the owners/creators of the product.

I've heard of foam rollers for tight IT bands, hamstrings or even calves and thought, if physiotherapists are recommending/prescribing patients to use these to help loosen these muscles to reduce/eliminate pain caused by tight muscles, there has to be some use to doing all this. My brother who is far more active than I ever was, has a similar product and said that it helped him when he was running more. (I should mention that I have been testing his for the last week and don't find it particularly well designed and too many bobbles and bits)

There was a special price being offered and Arysta herself was answering my online inquires with patience (I'm really slow, and indecisive) in a very timely manner--good customer service is a big deal to me. I submitted my order late last night for an order of the "truth blue" roller with acupressure balls.

In about a week's time, I'll start using my new truth blue roller and it'll be the start to body without pain. I hope to incorporate a regular (20-30 min, daily) routine of self massaging with the balls (ha) and roller. I'll be sure to let y'all know how this goes.

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