Monday, January 30, 2012

Green with ENVY!

Today is totally coming up Milhouse! I'm so excited. I got my Travel Roller in the mail and I've only used it for a few minutes and I love it already.

I've also got a challenge at work; and for those of you who know me pretty well, know that I keep a competitive streak well hidden... except when you call me out and challenge me to a du-el (complete with glove). I've got a bet with my manager about how fast I can roll out a tactic/procedure. What's in it for me? Other then the fact that I can totally wow her? A free lunch! Free's always awesome and the whole situation is really just a big win-win.

Oh, and I finally got a hold of the elusive (not who you think, Amber) NDC office. Practices are well on their way to being booked. Hurrah!

Anyways, that's probably not that exciting for y'all. Instead, let's take a look at something else that really gets me excited: pretty clothes. No, not just "pretty" but beautiful and/or stunning. As much as I love men's suits (or maybe that's men IN suits...especially the 3-piece kind--The Mentalist, anyone?), I love jewel toned dresses and tops and lovely tailored pieces and evening gowns. Vintage and era specific clothing... all things that really catch my eye. Really, my love of beautiful fashion doesn't have any real boundaries.

I was chatting with a coworker today whose brother is getting married this year. In their culture, looking like you're a million bucks can really be a big deal. But, we all have budgets so she asked me if it was worth going to Buffalo to check out some of the stores there or head to NYC to look for something nice (and effectively, 'safe'). Actually, she probably needs 2-3 different dresses/outfits for the family weddings. (I'm not secretly jealous because it's a costly endeavour I had to partake in, during 2011--it's nice to get a break)

While we were talking, she was trying to communicate the type of outfit she wanted to purchase. Anyone who's tried to do this knows that it's just easier to find a picture; Kate Winslet's Golden Globe dress of 2012 was her aim:

It's a classy and pretty dress, isn't it? But, it just didn't catch my eye. At least not in the same way that Lea Michele's green dress from the SAG Awards (2010?) did:

I watch Glee and the way they dress Rachel Berry is just too hilariously awesome. I'm never sure if she's trying to play innocent school girl or sexy librarian... or grandma. And that's why I would never have thought that she could look so stunning. Someone's been so kind as to post several of the beautiful dresses that Lea Michele has worn since coming into the spotlight, on their own blog.

Enh, who knew that Monday could be so awesome!


  1. and you had sausage for lunch! lucky you.

    1. hold on a sec. that sounds really inappropriate. thanks a lot.

  2. I laughed out loud at my desk when I read the "elusive" know me so well!
    LOVE IT!
    (love that green dress, too!)

    1. ;)
      isn't it wonderful? *sigh* i don't think i can pull it off though... lea michele is lucky to know how to highlight her features.... we don't have the "same features"...