Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Yeehaw! Yippi Kayo!" to my Lords & Ladies

I declare it my month-long birthday celebrations and today, I go out in style.

The morning starts rather early (for a Saturday) and I'm out to the shooting range in Markham. This is the second time I've gone shootin'.

We pick a .9mm Glock handgun and a pink Hello Kitty .22mm rifle (you know know better than to say "oh man, please don't pick the pink Hello Kitty one... I don't want to be caught dead shooting that"). I don't have photos to post yet but I really really REALLY enjoy shooting guns. Is that healthy? Sure! I'm not pointing the loaded gun at a living being who is the source of my frustrations or breaking things that don't belong to me. Instead, I'm calmly and safely imagining the face of my frustrations on the target and practicing my aim at the range.

I didn't do too shabby, btw. Heh, no, not the head shots... I have to work on using the .22mm. My .9mm shots were concentrated on the body of the target.

Looks like the .9mm handgun is my weapon of choice. Watch out, zombies! Note to self, need to work on cardio and remember to aim for the head. (Did ya catch the reference to Zombieland?)

Then the evening commenced with... MEDIEVAL TIMES!! *royal trumpets*

We were cheering for the B&W Knight who's the second from the right. These guys really are great at what they do. Sure, it's a little like watching the WWF when you were a kid or dreaming about being a warrior (I do) in combat, fighting for honour, valour and chivalry. It might be a mega fantasy but I think the best part is you can lose yourself with the child-like wonder and fantasies that you don't have the opportunity to partake much, as an adult.

My first photo attempt for the evening was when they set up one of the challenges right in front of our table. I knew this could be a great chance for some action photos. The first one didn't come out clearly and the Blue knight looks like he's going at 299,792,458 m/s...

I adjusted the shutter speed in time for the Green knight:

I don't remember the shutter speed but even then, I found it a little too slow. By then, I had run out of chances to take more photos :(

Although I was sitting in the B&W knight's section, I have to admit, there's something intriguing about the evil Green knight. His evil laugh gives you the chills and you want him to lose but that thing that makes him sinister also makes you want to secretly cheer him on. Perhaps it's the evil laugh he has--amazing. I'll be practicing my evil laugh for future instances where I require it. You just never know when that'll come handy.

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