Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's raining today and it's nearly the middle of January. It should be noted that I live in the land of ice and snow--Canada.

Any eye-rolls there? or perhaps little yelps of glee at there not being any snow on the ground so far. That's right folks, no snow. We barely even had a white Christmas. It's not just the lack of snow, but the temperatures have been really mild for January.

Needless to say, I'm not a fan of rain--I really hate going out in the rain (there goes my chances of ever living in Brazil or Ireland?) even with galoshes, umbrella, rain hat and rain coat. It's by far, one of the least favourite experiences for me. It's even more of a PITA when it's part winter and part rain.

I ran out of the house with my favourite umbrella I bought on a trip to Quebec City.

(this photo is from my last photo challenge so it doesn't technically count for 2012 but it happens to be one of my favourite ones)

When I tried to close it this morning, it popped open again! The stopper-clip thingy is broken so it doesn't get caught on the hook!!! I also noticed a pin-hole. Woe is me :(

I saw a pile of umbrellas in the rubbish bin in the subway station and had a thought... "most people probably don't even realize that the umbrella is broken until they use it". They discover it's broken and dispose of it. Like many things I own, my first thought was how I could get it repaired. Am I the only one who thinks like this? I don't think it's because I'm a hippy-dippy type of person but I usually try to find a way to repair things that are broken. Maybe because when I get something, I genuinely enjoy it for purposes beyond its practical uses. Or, maybe people are just of a disposable mind-set.

How many people do you know, would pick an orange and magenta skull and hearts umbrella with purple lace fringe? Gotta be someone with an uncommon mind-set.

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  1. I know one person who would buy that umbrella! She is kinda weird...

    And I agree with trying to fix our items instead of just tossing hem out. Waste not, want not!