Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Architechture for a Masked Vigilante

I was out shovelling the snow last night. We got a substantial amount of snow and I even considered bringing out my snow boots (which are lost, btw). I was excited to have the opportunity to snap a few photos of the accumulated snow the following day only to be disappointed with the spring weather!

That's right folks, I'm annoyed that it isn't feeling like winter--complete with snow. What gives?

But, there is never a lost opportunity. I snapped some photos of Commerce Court North after work. I wrote about CCN last week (?) sometime. I took a snap shot of the commemorative Heritage Toronto plaque and you'll see some more history available:

The observation gallery is closed right now, if I'm not mistaken, so I wouldn't have the chance to head out that way. But if you're Maggie Q, you might get the chance to zip-line from the roof while filming Nikita (by far the best series I'm following--I live vicariously).

So, I went to the main entrance to find those squirrels...

The aperture is like 1.8 or 2.0 here. You can see the rooster and the corn and the beehive as well as the fleur de lys... all intentionally chosen symbols for hard work, agriculture, collective work, our french brothers and sisters etc...

This image is just looking up at the ship... which i believe is to represent merchants.

Then I find it... the squirrel. Thrift and savings!

Nothing is complete without our beloved beaver.

I have to admit, my photos just don't do justice for the beauty of this building. I noticed that even the exterior window frames have that detail of the carved friezes and pillars.

The interior is always the cherry on top. Just look at the ceiling. Some people think it's old and antiquated but I always feel like I'm Bruce Wayne heading up to the top floor of Wayne Enterprises.

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