Friday, February 3, 2012

Did you catch VD last night? I did

Did I get your attention? I've been waiting to use that line the moment I realized that the acronym for Vampire Diaries also implies venerial disease--depending on how you say it. Though really, anytime you use those two letters subsequently in the same breath, your listener will probably think you got yourself some herpes.

So... Vampire Diaries. What is someone as intelligent, worldly and inquisitive like me (yea yea, keep your mouth shut!), doing by getting caught up in a teeny bopper vampire-werewolf fad? Well, lemme start by introducing you to the Salvatore brothers: Stefan and Damon...

Yes ladies, it’s not you—it just got hot in here. These two brothers are nothing like “Edward” or “Jacob” of Twilight. Though I have to admit that Stefan’s hair-do is reminiscent of your contemporary “vampire hair”. But that's ok! Why? Because this show just keeps getting more and more… beautiful! As if the regular cast wasn’t already some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever laid my eyes on; the lovely Nina Dobrev is a Canadian who played Mia on Degrassi (the newer series).

Anyways, as fun and fascinating as all this is, let’s get to the real ‘meat’ of what transpired last night… in this story, vampires are not demons. The concept of nature and balance of good, evil and supernatural is one that is woven throughout the series. Witches are stewards of this natural balance and vampires happen to be an unplanned freak accident and werewolves are natural creatures.

The Original Family who became vampires were human. They were early settlers to Mystic Falls (where the series takes place) who were looking for a new life. After a tragic death of one of the young children, their father insisted on protecting his family and asked his wife (a powerful witch) to achieve this invincible immortality. She changed them into vampires with super human powers and immortality. But she herself was not permitted to change because she is a witch. Note that Originals can't be killed in the same conventional ways as regular run-of-the-mill vampires.

The primary protagonist for the season, Niklaus Mikaelsen is the most feared and respected Original and it was he who set the myth of the vampire-werewolf curse in motion. To maintain nature's balance, the witches suppressed his werewolf side but he wanted to release that so that he could become the ultimate hybrid.

Well, he’s managed to achieve this and has created a super species. There’s a catch, he needs the blood of the Petrova Doppelganger (Nina Dobrev’s character, Elena) to complete the transformation of each of his hybrids. At some point, early in the story, he somehow murdered his mother and his siblings never forgive him for this act.

That is… until last night.


His siblings are awoken from their centuries of slumber, and confront him to make him pay for what he did to their mother… the door opens and they hear footsteps. They turn around and see their mother walk in, without having aged a day from her death. Though Niklaus fears that his mother is there to kill him (because he is “an abomination of nature”), she says she forgives him and she wants them to be a family again.

I know, right? Too much to take in. Now you’re thinking what I am… what’s going to happen?! And what about all the other story lines (which I didn’t mention)??? Stay tuned for what happens next week! If it’s as juicy as this was, expect me to post again ;)

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