Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Momentary Calm

I haven't forgotten! I've just gotten supremely busy. In fact, I'm so busy lately that I'm on a schedule tonight and had to schedule in my shower.

As a result, I've slackened my photo blog portion and haven't been taking enough photos. I saw an article about still life photos which caught my eye. I figure that try my hand at that this week and aim to snap 1 photo every day to post. Should be interesting. Intentional still life isn't something I've ever done before but I"m sure this will prove to be challenging :)

This photo was snapped in a dim setting where I had to put the shutter speed at 1/4sec and the aperture at f10... and even at 10, I don't have enough field of depth. Without a proper tripod, it is tricky to increase the aperture...

Now... if only I could find time (and people) to play these games with...

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