Friday, February 10, 2012

I've gotten some more VD

As predicted, it's VD day! I couldn't resist. And just in time for the other VD--Valentine's Day! Love is in the air tonight.

Last week's cliff hanger left us all wondering what would happen now that Esther has returned. We last saw Klaus shaking in his booties expecting his mother to kill him; but she forgave him.

I got the same kind of blank stare when I first watched it too!

This week continues on the storyline of Esther. Unfortunately, the closest we get to getting some Tyler injected into the show is his voice when he calls Caroline to console her on her father's death and tells her that he is fixing himself so that he could be with her. And (just in time for Valentine's Day!) he told her he loves her. *swoon*

When the series started out, Tyler was portrayed as the football jock who's a big bully and isn't that nice to anyone. But, with a face (and body) like that, who could resist for long? My apologies ladies for not posting a suitable photo for y'all to drool over. I'm trying to be proper, afterall! But, because I'm a sucker for a boy in glases, this one appealed the most.

Tyler is one of Klaus' hybrids (werewolf-vampire). But now he's got this sire bond that keeps him compelled to do whatever Klaus wants, even after he denies Klaus outright. Caroline's dad said that he would forbid Tyler to be with Caroline unless he resolves the "problem".

The primary love triangle--Elena, Damon and Stefan... blahblah. This episode had a real weak progression with that. Stefan keeps saying he doesn't feel or care. Damon on the other hand cares TOO much and is now becoming really controlling. I tire of both the Salvatore brothers.

Back to the Original Family!


Esther holds a huge evening ball (the ones you get all dolled up for and wear ball gowns. Not those skanky short dresses) in celebration of reuniting her family. I wonder when I can hold a ball....?

Right, back to the point. Esther invites Elena personally. Rebekah invites Matt. Klaus invites Caroline, complete with a beautiful evening gown. Caroline totally blows off Klaus--as she should! She's spoken for, afterall. But Klaus is taken with her and when she shows up in the dress (her excuse was she didn't have anything else to wear--but really, what can compare to that stunning dress?), he is instantly taken with her. *dreamy swoon*

He tries to relate to her and shows his interest in art, paintings and sketches. He's quite the artist! And as an old school gentleman (and with Joseph Morgan--the actor--being from Britain), he's got that old world charm about him; so much so that it's... hypnotizing. After Caroline puts him in his place (and I'm glad she does) by telling him that he just tries to buy/force people and never actually makes a connection, she leaves. When she returns home, there is a gift box on her bed. She's annoyed because she thinks it's another trinket but when she opens it in frustration, she unrolls a sketch that Klaus made of her and her favourite animal.

I know, this is a romance novel written all over it.

Anyways, rewind a bit and return to the ball. Elena goes to speak with Esther and discovers that Esther has been stuck on the "other side" for a millennium and has returned to.... kill her children.

Another totally unexpected, right! I thought she was turned into a vampire or something and Klaus kept that from everyone or that maybe she was going to do something more drastic. But now what? Isn't killing Klaus exactly what they all wanted, to begin with?


  1. Love that photo! So...pretty...can't..stop...staring...

    1. right? and do you know who he's rumoured to be dating???? Jenna Ushkowitz.