Monday, February 6, 2012

What's wrong with Simple?

Hello everyone! It's the start of a new week and I spent the weekend watching figure skating programs and several movies that were playing on the WNetwork. Some of the fondest memories I have of when I was a kid were of me and my brother sitting in front of the television watching figure skating (yes, he watched) on the weekend afternoons or getting ready to catch the Disney movie on Sunday night, following the newest escapade of Sarah Stanley and her east coast cousins.

I usually don’t like doing nothing because I always have something to do (or due)! And the worst stomach sinking feeling is twiddling your thumbs until you realize you forgot something due Monday.

I decided it would be one of those weekends where I was going to forget about the rest of the adult world and do whatever I felt. I also caught the Digital Film Fest’s showing of Back to the Future. Talk about a blast to the past.

I wonder why that is… why people… all people--seem to sit back and remember a time when things were carefree, blissful and fun; and recall times they were a kid. While reminiscing generally makes me happy, it often ends with me feeling a little sad. Sad because it makes me wonder… does that mean that our lives are now so complicated and stressful that we aren’t having fun anymore?

This thought actually brings me to parallel life to: Road to Avonlea. The plot starts out with a young city girl, accustomed to fine city living in Montreal, who moves to the simple country life of Avonlea. Whenever I think about the series' progression, I think about how the characters and their adventures shadowed the lives of their growing (as in aging) audience. It was like growing up with the kids of Avonlea and getting in the same types of trouble and encountering the same issues that each of us grew up with. Ah, simpler times.

I compare this to similar shows of late, that follow the growing pains of kids and I think of Glee. When I watch Glee, I know that I impose some of my adult perceptions on the characters but, man, if that is how life has become, I'm really worried about the kids of this day and age.

Now, kids grow up with Hanna Montana hanging off a pole or other shows where the parents are complete twits and the kids run the stage!

Sometimes... just sometimes simple and (maybe) traditional is better.

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