Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've a penchant for sweaters.

This conversation actually happened between me and my friend NR:
Me: ... ok so is this outfit ok?
NR: what are you wearing??? Is that... a SWEATER!?
Me: yea. What's wrong with a sweater?
NR: we're going to a club, not to visit your grandma.
Me: but it's cold out...

I have more sweaters than I have blouses/shirts for. No joke. Everytime I go shopping, I am inclined to the button down cardigan (see grandpa sweater). My favourite happens to be of the argyle pattern. I only bought my first argyle sweater in the last year or so. Well that's not true.. but my favourite sweaters are from Brooks Brothers. I love that they're not skin tight and I don't have to look like a sausage encased in wool.

The dry cleaners shrunk my favourite grey and blue argyle cardigan... the DRY CLEANERS!!! Isn't taking clothing to them to clean, to avoid having things shrunk or misshape??? Heck, I pay them for that! I was furious the morning I slipped the sweater on and it felt like I was wearing a cropped top with tube sock sleeves. I'd march right back in there but it's been several months since I picked it up from them... :(

Anyways, Brooks Brothers is having a 60% off sale so I bought a sweater to replace the shrunken one (even though it can't compare... and now I have to work up the nerve to donate that shrunken sweater)

I took this photo with an aperture of 1.8 and a shutter speed of 1/125 (?). Shiny coppery buttons!

K now... to wait for that cashmere one to go to 80% sale... :D

Right, the name "Argyle Rapier"... I was thinking about an appropriate Game of Thrones name. If I was a mercenary or knight or assassin, what would I be known as? What sort of name would have criminals and those undeserving of life, to shake, at the very sound of my name! I would strike fear in those about to die and tell them that they will die at the hands of The Argyle Rapier! *slash*slash*thrust*thrust*


  1. I'm glad you were able to blog about this traumatic event! I hope it helped! I'm still pissed about that on your behalf... don't they know that YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ARGYLE RAPIER?!?!?

  2. that's right!!!!! nobody messes with the argyle rapier!