Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4-letter spelling bee

I have amassed a small collection of games over the last several months. While I picked up a bunch of more nerdy type games, I also picked up some revamped favourites: Monopoly Deal and Scrabble SLAM.

Scrabble SLAM isn't by any means, a game that took a genius to create, nor one to play. It's fast to set up and even faster to get through 1 round. But, player beware! It's certainly a game that can get you really rilled up when you're playing with several others who might be as competitive as you are. It's definitely a game that'll pass the time for any type of player.

I decided to snap a still life of the game board with a low aperture and 1/10 (I think) shutter speed. This was possibly the clearest and sharpest photo I took. I used the prime 50 lens and was standing atop a chair. I really need to consider a tripod...

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