Monday, February 13, 2012

Rich Girl Problems

Mondays are almost always a little more than just manic. I had the opportunity to test my patience and tolerance this morning after I was already running really tight with time and waited around (it's punishment for smashing the alarm so many times) for another 20 minutes of delays to clear up and the train to have enough room for me to get on without breathing the next person's armpit for a 10-15 minute ride south.

Kind of makes me wish I had just stayed at home.

While the weekend was filled with the death of Whitney Houston and the Grammys, I didn't have time to get too involved with all that jazz. Instead of the Grammy Awards, I was getting caught up again with the Walking Dead; this is the second season of the comic inspired zombie apocolypse drama series.

The Walking Dead has won awards (and been nominated) for various categories--one of them being the best drama on tv. As I mentioned, the series itself is not new; it's based on a comic book that was written in 2003.

I got into this series at the insistence of others... Usually, I find zombie themed movies or shows, too hopeless feeling inducing to watch. I mean the entire world is dead and it's very likely that there are only pockets of living humans left. What are you supposed to do? Everything you have ever known, is gone and whatever you have probably been working towards in your life, is now null and void. Actually, most stories that have to do with a type of apocolypse are intriguing. It really gets you to think about how humans innately are and forces you rethink your own life... what would you do if you were one of those few humans left? You're trying to survive everyday, in very challenging circumstances and maintain some of your humanity.

One of my coworkers told me, "I like you because you still do the right thing, even when nobody's looking". I think of Rick Grimes. While it's flattering that others deem me to be morally intact, I wonder what I would do if I was faced with the same questions that Rick faces throughout the series? He's their leader now... and doing the best that he can do, to keep them together and get them through to the next day; and if there's one thing that's struck is, that most people are self-serving sheep who don't actually have any morals.

While most people do the right/best thing these days (and that's easy when food, shelter and safety are not a primary concern), the real test comes when faced with all the tough choices or even worse, no choice. Sounds a little hopeless but early humans were prey to larger carnivores and had to survive on much less.