Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Soothes the Savage Beast (within)

I've been meaning to blog about this subject for the past week or two. Music. And yes, all sorts of music but particularly, classical and contemporary orchestral music (and maybe a little Christmas music tossed in there).

Two weeks ago, I went to the first TSO 3-pack concert: What Makes it Great: Vivaldi's Four Seasons by Rob Kapilow who was both host and conductor. It was a fabulous event that brought the music to the audience by breaking it down into pieces that literally anyone could understand and appreciate. It was an intricate look at the intricacies of Vivaldi's music both the actual composition and the history of it.

Then, this past Tuesday, I added in an impromptu session of a Century of Broadway music with the TSO. The hosts, Doug LaBrecque and Christiane Noll were absolutely magnificent and I enjoyed the journey they brought the audience through; starting in the early 1900s and moving through the decades and ending with possibly the most famous musical of all time: Andrew Lloyd Weber's the Phantom of the Opera.

Truly magnificent. I haven't had the chance to have so much music injected into my life. And not this mish-mash of music that we hear on the airwaves these days but real music that soothes the soul and calms the raging monologues that have a tendency to bubble to the surface when stress pushes it up.

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