Sunday, March 4, 2012

Medieval Stronghold

While Settlers of Catan has been picking up in main stream popularity, I still have an old favourite which I got several years ago: Carcassonne. This set is produced by Rio Grande Games and they have some of the best (both quality of board and the actual game) I have come across. Sometimes a little pricey but this one is different everytime...

I've also taken up the French language and the last 2 lessons have been about the youth hostel in Carcassonne. It's a real place and the youth hostel there is a castle! One of the reasons I really love this game is that the board is different everytime and you can really screw over (or get screwed) other players. But like most games, the more the merrier.

I only have 2 expansions right now... but the series has more than a dozen.

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