Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cinefranco 2012

I'm taking French language courses this year. We live in Canada and it's become more obvious to me when I'm at work (and half of our stuff comes in French) and I understand little of it. Let alone be able to communicate with our Quebecois clients.

I'm taking the lessons at Alliance Francaise which is recommended as one of the best schools, for teaching the French language. I've picked up the French language much faster than I have, at any other point in my life. But, I'm far from being right up to par with native french speakers. So, I want  to check out some French language movies at the Cinefranco movie festival.

It's being held at the TIFF Lightbox where for about a week, there will be French language films from all over the world. I unfortunately missed "Free Men" this evening but intend to find it and watch it because it sounds just so good (I'm referring to the plot). The second is My Little Princess. It's got a dark gothic feel to it and I just love gothic themed movies, books etc.

In Paris during WWII, an Algerian immigrant is inspired to join the resistance by his unexpected friendship with a Jewish man (IMDB). This is a still from Free Men:

My Little Princess is a 2010 French-Romanian drama film directed by Eva Ionesco and inspired by her relationship with her mother, the well-known artistic photographer Irina Ionesco whose pictures of her young daughter aroused discussions when they were published back in the 1970s. The movie illustrates a situation which at first glance seems to be a paradox: Whilst revealing more and more of her daughter to the public the mother seems to get increasingly estranged from her and vice versa. (Wikipedia)

The other film I'm debating to go and see is called "De Bon Matin" and it's about a bank employee who goes to work, brings out his gun, shoots two managers and waits patiently for the police to come take him away. At first, it felt a little too close for comfort but I thought about the psychological aspect of it and I think it could potentially make for an interesting evening.

Can't wait!! Let's get cultured. Whoever said Toronto lacks culture is an idiot.

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