Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Japanese Culinary Adventure

Last night, I embarked on a journey to Tokyo Bay for dinner. I dined by a renowned sushi chef and ate various treats directly from the Bay.

Well, sort of.

I had the good fortune of being taken to (possibly?) the best omakase restaurant in Toronto: Kaji. If you enjoy eating good food and are adventurous, this is the place to try out at least once in your lifetime. I chose not to bring in my big SLR to document my food adventure but since I recently got a new BB, I thought it would be a chance to use the new phone.

The dishes were more like amuse bouche than actual full dishes, but you will NOT leave disappointed. It doesn't get tastier than this. Here are the photos from my food journey into authentic Japanese Sushi transplanted to Toronto...
daikon radish simmered with pork belly
 trio plate
 tofu with wasabi--out of this world delicious
 bamboo shoot with 3 types of miso
spinach with i can't remember
 i can't even remember the name of the fish..
 octopus with seaweed and a sweet vinegar jelly
 sashimi plate with all edible veggie bits
 sesame sauce for veggies
 the fish on the right hand side was divine. nice and firm and perfect temperature--not smushy icey
sea trout and sea bream
 taro, cherry blossom and something else delicious
 sea eel with vegetables and a japanese pepper (non-spicy)
 duo dish
 some sort of wonderful crab with mountain yam, egg and some other tasty parts
 duck and fish cake
 this one was delicious... i don't even know what was in it
 i don't remember what this one was either!
green tea soba noodle with mountain yam and something else delicious
 our next dish was coming...
 tuna with a ginger sauce?

more tasty delish
and just when you're ready to explode... dessert!
 japanese jelly with red bean and a yuzu macaroon
pear sorbet with a wasabi macaroon

Chef Kaji must have the ability to ruin people for mainstream sushi. What a true business man.

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