Monday, March 12, 2012

Eating my Way to My Future

I have never given a lot of thought to how our foods get to our tables. Take for example, the cheese I just had for dinner. Where did that come from? I know that a (faceless, because I don't know them personally) dairy farmer raised some cows (a milk producing sort???) and then milked them and somehow, the cow's milk ended up with a cheese maker and then to Scheffler's Deli in St. Lawrence Market.

Right, that's the kid version. In the last year or so, I have started to consider more about where all this comes from and how it is regulated, if at all, to our tables and tummies. There's a lot about our food, that the common person has absolutely no clue about. And some prefer that it remain this way. I don't. I want to understand and learn where my food has come from and see what has made it the way it is.

I wanted to find a farmer to deal directly with, to purchase eggs and lemme tell you, I can't find anyone online. And I definitely wouldn't know how to reach them by telephone and wouldn't be walking up to their door to order farm fresh eggs.

In the meantime, I started dabbling in the stock market earlier this year to help enhance my savings for the coming year when I'll need to generate a further payment on the condo which I have bought (pre-build). One company that caught my eye was Viterra (TSE:VT). I thought that what Viterra did was really interesting. It was helping to answer some of my questions!

Viterra (one of their many lines of business) is essentially to act as a grain broker/trader between the collective of farmers and the the vendors/purchasers and help them market their product as a collective. They also process the grain and act as the physical distributors/sellers. Just amazing. I didn't realize this was all happening while I'm happily munching away on my wheat crackers.

I think I've found something that finally interests me enough to want to actually learn about it and understand what it is. Looks like I'm getting right on track.


  1. just wondering...i haven't seen any updates in awhile. are you still alive?