Friday, March 14, 2014

Lesson # 79: "I'm not an ambi-turner..."

1. one that has the ability to turn both ways

Horseback riding is a sport that requires the athlete (both horse and rider) to be balanced on both sides--duh. But, let's face it, most of us are crooked in some fashion. Similar to Ben Stiller's character, Derek Zoolander, I currently have difficulty with my right side. Derek can't turn left on a runway but I can't take jumps (as discovered today) on the right rein. Add to the issue that Ariel is also tighter on the right rein and we both have problems. She can jump just fine with a more seasoned rider but my faults become very evident with her. I noticed previously that I was a bit sore/tingly in my right shoulder but I couldn't pin-point exactly what the issue was. Today, I decided to pay more attention to it and noticed that my right shoulder drops forward and seems to 'curl' towards the center of my body.

It wasn't as big an issue at the trot but it became more evident at the canter as my upper body torqued towards the left when I was riding on the right rein; it was slight but it was enough of a problem that Ariel noticed and was telling me. In addition, my right hip drifts my right knee to pinch the knee roll and thus my weight redirects itself up, instead of down through my heel.

Sheri set-up a mini course of 3 jumps where 1 was being taken on the left rein but the other two were being taken at the right rein. I know. I was not successful for most of the time! It was such a struggle just to get Ariel to move towards the direction I wanted without torquing herself. We were such a mess. However, the things that went well includes things like quieter canter initiations (from walk and trot), a relaxed canter (at least on the left rein...), remembering to check my diagonals, getting some good turns in and some great crest releases!

Posting Diagonal Jar Tally: = 2 x $2.00 = $4.00
To date: $115.00

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