Monday, March 10, 2014

Horse Learning... FREE!

My instructor always tells me that to truly learn about horses, the sport and become a better rider, one must get their hands dirty (literally). Most of us don't have that time though (or the money). So, we need to find other ways to learn and enhance our knowledge. As well, as adult riders, we face an entirely different pile of challenges than someone who's been doing it since they were tots.

One of those challenges is finding a support group or resources for information. So, I started a Blackberry Messenger Channel called Adult Horseback Riders Learning. The main objective is to share resources, information, tips and accomplishments or tips with others in a similar situation. If you're in a similar situation as myself, then I encourage you to join and add your knowledge too :)

I've since posted two items in there:
  1. The Horse Course being offered through Coursera--an online place where you can take the best online courses for free!
  2. A give-away from She Moved to Texas for subscriptions to
Good luck and never stop learning!

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