Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adding Another Layer

I'm so glad that I have stuff outside of work, that keeps me going. Especially when things are not going so wonderfully in other areas of my life (*cough*work*cough*). I haven't told you about the success I've been having with the metronome. Really. For musicians, you understand the love-hate relationship with this object that tick tocks (or beeps) away while you're playing so that you're able to maintain rhythm. I still have a strong dislike of it, but I have really come into learning how to play with it and not completely ignoring it while it just awkwardly accompanies the music. And rhythm is ever so important! Not just for music...

And as I've mentioned before, learning to master a skill is made up of layers and pieces of the whole picture; everything compliments the end result. I think the progression of loathing to tolerance (and hence complimenting) of the metronome has aided me to advance a step forward: I have been graduated from my grade 1 studies to grade 2!! I also received an Appaloosa sticker for my efforts on a "Battle Song" (list C).

Eventually this musical onion will just reek of melodies, rhythm and technique.

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