Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lesson #176 & #177: For Every Good Lesson...

I swear the universe is very clear with me, to stay humble and keep my sight on the ultimate goal and not let hubris interfere.

Thursday's lesson had a young student (M) riding with me, who has been doing it forever. So, as usual, it's kind of intimidating... especially since her mom is also there. The people at the stable are really great so I never feel judged (even if they are, and that's okay!). This kid has been jumping well for some time but her pony was a little off this time around since a new pony mare has been challenging all the other horses! We kept it low and casual but still ended up jumping courses.

I am told to watch M's position during the canter and how she perches in a half seat with only her seat moving with her pony and her top half remains quite still. On the other hand, I'm all over the map so I focus to keep my upper body still. For some reason, it's physically more of a challenge than usual but I persist at it.

When we get into the course work, I have to remember to maintain the control and collection that is needed around certain corners. I also need to go straighter into the jumps. All things that will be worked on and will come in time. By the end of the lesson, Sheri congratulates me on the progress I've made... since I originally really wasn't too sure how far I'd get, to jumping full courses. A fantastic way to enter the end of the week (especially the week I had been having...).


Onwards to Sunday's lesson. What a mess. LOL. I guess it was the Universe's way of reminding me that for every good lesson, there is bound to be at least one more not so great lesson. This was it. The warm up was fine until we were asked to move into the canter. I was really tight in all the wrong places this lesson so there I was, in corners pushing and demanding the canter from Ariel but she was having none of it and just sped up which distracts me and I start bouncing around more on there and leaning forward on her forehand--and making it difficult for her to get into the canter. Just one thing after the other!

I refused to add in the artificial aid of the crop so I continued to just push and push... I probably shouldn't be stopping if it isn't working but I admit I had to. Next time, I just need to pull myself together while bouncing around up there and not letting Ms. Ariel win!

As expected, the jumping suffered as well. I was unable to keep my heels down and thus landing on her neck. It was simply, a mess. But, I'm going to take away the need to ride it through and keep Ariel going because I'm going to be the one to win--not her. Sit back and just keep going.


  1. oh man... watching the been-there-done-that kiddos ride is super intimidating haha. and i adamantly believe that they have an easier time with positional stuff just be being so much tinier than adults lol (i can rationalize anything...). sorry that last lesson wasn't as great but yea, it happens and you gotta just keep on going :)

    1. for sure! kids are all bendy and in many ways, fearless. i've got a desk job that keeps me stationary and things tighten up and then there's just no saving me for that lesson. plus, having a mortgage... that keeps the whole fear of falling in me. though, not having to go to work for a few would be welcome...

  2. The down days just help remind you how good the up days are- keep working hard and keep riding (:

    1. yep! the universe's way of whopping our butts to remind us to keep focused.