Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Time to Relax

I've been wanting to get to this ceramics and glass fusion place for months, to do something different and use my hands and brain in a different way. You don't need to know me personally to know that I am heavily analytical and tend to be a big left brain. You know what they say about not using something... it shrivels right up and dies. I was obviously concerned about the right side of my brain. Maybe it's like half the size of my left brain. LOL.

I am left brain dominant
It was time to do something to challenge my right side. I took my two good friends with me to paint ceramics. We spent several hours there picking out a figure, picking colours and then sitting down and actually doing the work of painting our little figures. It's no surprise that I picked the same thing most little girls do, for their birthdays: pick the little horse to paint (though the cat came close! I'm taking +ADW with me to do that! :)).

Stage 1: base colours
What else would I do but paint a horse that looks like Ariel! Although she's mostly white, I pick an off white colour to be the base coat. If you're like me and do something that is heavily analytical and methodical, this is so much fun. I'm not completely abandoning what I like to do, but combining what I excel at and the artistic component of my being.

Skip a bunch of 'stages' and here I am, before firing her up
The painted areas become light once painted and dried so it's tricky to tell but with my left brain in full gear, I'm methodical enough to remember what I did in each area. The only thing I noticed AFTER I painted everything is that because I tack and mount on Ariel's left, I actually am not sure what her right side looks like. I got a few things wrong but that's okay... it's the effort that counts :)

The fired Ariel! (and her 'friends')
It looks pretty awesome! So awesome that Stanley thinks so too:

I'm looking forward to going back because it was surprisingly A LOT OF FUN!!


  1. omg it's so cute - the little Ariel turned out so well! i'm pretty left-brainish too and these kind of outlets are perfect for switching it up :)

    1. thanks! i'm really impressed too b/c it's to tough to tell with the paint before firing. i hope there is a place like this near you! it's a bunch of fun :)

  2. That is super cute! Looks like a fun thing to do.

    1. thanks! i loved it. i can't wait to go back and paint little kitty critters :D