Friday, June 6, 2014

Lesson #103: Single Jump Process Analysis

I don't know what it is about work... but I almost always get to the stable in a tense state. This in turn affects my riding because I can't seem to concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing, and I'm not limber enough to do things. Today's lesson is shorter than normal. We start with a brief trot and already, I am having trouble with Ariel because she's fussing. She's falling in at corners and cutting them too. I am sure it is because I am not paying enough attention to my flawed areas (i.e. loopy right side and wacky left arm) and it's just plain throwing her off. Clearly, honesty is not always the best policy? It doesn't help she's in heat and being a clear bossy-pants.

Anyways, we get into trot and then move quickly into canter. There are all sorts of problems today and I can't seem to get things just right. Add to the fact that I have never really enjoyed riding in outdoor arenas and you've got yourself a bit of a mess. After the canter, we work on a jump exercise in the middle of the ring. It's set up with all sorts of aids like ground poles and other standards guiding us in. We are asked to ride in (trot) and then turn right... then come back up and turn left--in short, a figure 8 with the jump as the cross point of that 8. I am struggling!!! The ride in is iffy, the ride out is iffy, I'm falling on her neck, not sitting up and Ariel speeds up just before the jump. I AM SO FRUSTRATED at this point that I want to scream!

Scratch getting the whole thing right... so I work on getting a good turn in and straight into the jump with Ariel going at a good pace without doing anything nuts just before the jump. I realized during one of the rounds, that she needed more guidance with my legs about bending and turning and support to keep her to the rails/corners. Almost as if literally, every step needed an aid. Once I got that turn in, I focused on keeping her at a steady pace getting into the fence... whoa whoa whoa... look forward and... towards the turn you want to make?? Really, I was reminded that I needed to start telling Ariel where we were to end up, before the fence. Otherwise she'd run straight or do something else. To accomplish that, I needed to be looking where I'd turn, as I was coming at the jump, not think as I'm getting over the jump b/c if I think, I get caught up with what's happening, then I need to sit up as she lands and is starting to take the first stride... while turning my body the direction I was looking and giving the leg aids and the appropriate bend.

Seem like a lot? I was overwhelmed.

Ariel was also taking advantage of the situation and being really unruly! To the point where Sheri told me, take the reins in one hand, and with the other hand, SMACK her! I've never had to be that insistent with this mare but it seems like she has been losing respect for me and I need to remind her who's boss.

I'm glad that after a few more attempts, we ended the lesson. I was going to head home but was asked if I minded giving her a good bathing because she needed to look white/silver for her event today at Joker's Hill. It's the first time I've bathed a horse before! I'm glad she's easy going about going into the wash stall and standing there while I scrub her down. It's like taking our own shower... with a bucket and hose! So now I know how to bathe her... and it isn't complex... kind of like washing a car! :) (plus the sweat scraper, show sheen and cooler sheet)

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