Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lesson #106: Horse on Top

This post is a bit late so I'm not sure what exactly I recall from the lesson. What I remember is that we have to get to the stable earlier still. We rode in the outdoor arena our goal for the lesson was simple changes on the diagonal this time. Last time we were doing them on a figure 8 so there was a corner to use to get out. That helps the horse to pick up the correct diagonal because they are already bending the direction they need to be. But, with a diagonal, it's a straight away because the objective is to take 2-3 strides in the middle and then re-initiate the canter as you are coming into the corner. I had trouble last time so it wasn't encouraging that I'd be able to do what's necessary this time either.

And surprise! (not really) I had difficulty getting this exercise done as outlined. Ariel was being her usual "know it all" self and was doing auto lead changes instead of slowing to a trot over the arena diagonal... *siiigh* It got to the point where we had to walk across the diagonal and then pick up the canter coming out of the corner. Ugh, I was so frustrated though... because not only was I struggling with the exercise, but initiating the canter with her on the right rein was not going well at all! I was apparently not giving the appropriate aids and we were falling all over the place. I'm not surprised because she was really screwing around with me up there!!! She actually made it difficult for me to get set-up properly!

All in all, I managed to get the diagonal part right but the rest of it was a mess. I have to take even more control of Ariel because she keeps taking control of the situation and insisting on her way.

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