Monday, May 12, 2014

Lesson 97: Picture Perfect Day

I hope everyone had a chance to hang out with their moms and just do some fun stuff this weekend! +ADW and I invited our moms to the stable to catch the latter part of our lesson, visit the stable and then grab some lunch. We started out the usual way on our own time and the day was just too wonderful out this way, to not go out on a hack! We went out on a 30 min hack into the bush and back. J took us out and led us around the fields and into the bush... as expected, Ariel decided that trotting wasn't fast enough and cantering would be way more fun. I really have to gain control of her... mostly for the reason that I think she's starting to disrespect me. We get into the bush and wind through and make our way back. But, not before taking a fallen log as a jump... at the intended trot... that turned into a canter for me. Ariel careened around a turn so fast that I thought I was going to fall off. I didn't though... and found myself adapting just fine... except when I took the moment to think about what was happening. I really want to take some choppers into the bush and clear up the trails though... they can be full of sticks and twigs hanging in your face and when you're moving that fast, you can't afford to close your eyes, wave your arms around or duck. But, despite this, there are ways to mitigate these sorts of turns so that they become smoother and you regain control of the situation. I didn't see the turn until it was too late but I'm sure I could have slowed her down a bit more before getting there.

When we returned to the outdoor arena, we got back to doing some trotting and adding in circles. I am reminded that my loopy right side has a mind of its own and unless I take the active effort to tell it what to do, it doesn't help the situation. It might feel like it's doing what it's suppose to but I assure you (and myself) that it is not. I ride twisted and my right leg lifts and drops inwards towards the saddle rolls. We finish up the lesson with canter outside; yay!! We apparently do so well that +ADW's mom didn't realize that it was us, cantering around the outdoor ring. That's gotta count for something, right?

Next lesson, I have to remind myself that I need to actively engage that right side to straighten up and almost turn exaggeratedly b/c whatever is being done is probably not enough. I also need to work on figuring out what's keeping my leg so tight because it tips me off balance and that balance is key when I'm out on a hack with Ariel.

In short, lots of homework that again, includes me to start with a better sleep schedule so I can actually do all the things I want to do and get to lessons being prepared and ready.

Posting Diagonal Jar Tally = 2 x $2.00 = $4.00
To date = $189.00

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