Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As One Door Closes... Another Opens

A couple weeks ago, my instructor lost her beloved (dressage) horse. You might think he was just another horse but they had a true bond. It doesn't happen with every horse and rider but there are couples that just click (kind of like people!) and the bond is literally unshakable.

I hate when people lose their animals companions because the loss is very palatable for me; I've lost 2 cats in 2 years and I know it's a heart ache only animal people understand. I haven't found my "heart horse" but I would imagine that the bond with a rider and their beast to be beyond that of a companion... after all, they are your teammate where the level of trust and confidence in the other must be unshakable in order to do some of the things that these duos do. If you don't ride, think about it this way... a horse is 900lbs+ and could easily injure or kill you, yet it doesn't but lets you get on its back and tell IT what to do.

Generally, I"m not sure what to say... other then "I'm so sorry". But, when you're the one dealing with the loss, those words are never truly enough. I started the "Posting Diagonal Jar Tally" to try and train out a bad habit of me ignoring my diagonals. I wasn't too sure what I would end up doing with the money but I knew I would send the money to a cause that supported horses (or cats). But, I've been inspired to donate the money to Equine Guelph to the research and equid welfare groups in memory of her horse.

As a transition from both counting diagonals (and in a sense, a new chapter for my instructor too), I'm closing the Posting Diagonal Jar Tally and looking for something new to focus on...

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