Monday, March 18, 2013

Lesson #21: Crazy Town

Friday March 15, 2013

Today's main focus was to get the canter down some more. I started the class riding Indy and found that he was a bit of a lazy bones! Which is a rare occurance because he's usually raring to go. Apparently they had a special dressage clinic the day before and so it was likely he just wasn't feeling it. For the first time, I thought that this boy was being pretty lazy!

Even getting him into a canter was trying as he is usually particularly forgiving for a beginner rider like me. Instead, I spend a good deal of time trying to figure out why my canter aids aren't working. It was really frustrating because it didn't seem to matter what I did because he just sort of trot a little faster and then let me struggle up there! Sheesh.

A few times I felt Indy launch himself into a canter but nothing quite took. I was pretty tired after several go's. So, I thought to change things up and switch with ADW and get on Aspen again. After all, I didn't have too much trouble with Aspen before. He seemed to listen to me when I told him what I wanted of him.

While we were practicing our canters, the other girls from the class before were in the process of breaking down the jumps in the centre and moving then aside. I suspect they were getting ready for a jumper clinic or something. I mounted Aspen and he got right back into his old tricks and lowered his head as he was walking and when the other horses got going, so did he! The worst thing was that I didn't prompt any of his actions and he did just as he tends to do: follow. Buddy picked up the trot, Aspen picked up the trot. Buddy started cantering and Aspen took-off, cantering! Every time way before I was ready and he was cutting corners and just ignoring my rein aids! I thought that Indy was a chore... Aspen was clearly giving me a little perspective!

I spend the remainder of the class being dragged around by Aspen doing whatever it was that he felt like doing. I'm pretty sure that Jason had to laugh seeing me go in circles with Aspen.. while Aspen was the lead. I really have to be tougher with this kiddo next time I ride him. No more nice guy! I mean who knows what might happen if I was less aware of what was going on!


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    1. yep. and nicole said he did similar things to her when she rode him... it's ok, i'm going to get a handle on this guy! if it's the last thing i do...