Friday, March 8, 2013

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

This week took a lot out of me. All the working and thinking and worrying and forced socializing! I went out with a bunch of wonderful ladies who all happen to be extroverted chatters. Yes, Happy International Women's Day and all that jazz! But, for someone like me, who's way far on the introverted side, this situation was challenging, to say the least! And that's just the least challenging piece! As usual, work has been testing my patience and I have been struggling with not slitting my wrists at my desk when nobody's looking. But, I made it through, my friends and I'm here to share with you something that my good friend Amb posted up a few days ago. You really can't help but smile big and giggle a little when you see this.

It's got nothing to do with the fact that I adore horses and ponies. I mean really, just check it out and tell me you didn't have a smile creep across your face. I dare ya!

And, if you wanted to cheer someone else up, check out to make your own pony mix for a friend!

Happy Friday everyone! and bon weekend!

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