Sunday, March 24, 2013

And Off We Go!

So it's only an hour or so before ADW and I head to Pearson to fly out by Icelandair to Keflavik for our week long vacation. I've read a lot about Iceland from the Frommer guidebook and this little island in the middle of the north Atlantic sounds like a really fascinating place. I previously posted a video my brother sent me when I first told him about the news of traveling to Iceland and I've since found two more videos that provide a more formal in-depth approach to this island.

One is produced from the History Channel through their series "How the World was Made" and this offers a detailed geological analysis of the island and investigates about how this island was formed and what is changing about it. It's got a lot of good graphical representation of the volcanic theories as well as some aerial views of the island. Watch it here

The other is a geared more for tourists who visit the country and want to get a better feel for the culture and its people.

I'll try to get some posts up during my vacation if I get the opportunity to do so. Otherwise, I'll be posting my adventures and photos when I return. Until then, have a góða nótt!

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