Monday, March 25, 2013

Adjusting in Iceland, Day 1

We arrive in Iceland early in the morning with the sun just peeking over the horizon. The red-eye flight is a reminder of how much I still dislike the actual “traveling” part of travel. I determine to get my internal clock up to speed so that I’m not left behind with things I want to do and hopefully I won’t take too long to adjust to the new time zone, which is 4 hours forward; it is just shy of 7:00am.

Getting through the Keflavik airport has more check-points than trying to get something approved in the corporate world. Biosecurity, regular security, customs… phew. When we finally get out, we were on our way by bus, through the lava fields between Keflavik and Reykjavik. The landscape is hilly and treeless with great snowy mountains lining the background. It kind of reminds me of the foothills of Calgary.

We arrive at our hotel Icelandair Natura Hotel adjacent to the domestic Reykjavik Airport. We’re exhausted and there is a huge line snaking in front of the checkout desk so we go for breakfast at the hotel restaurant (Satt) instead. A true Icelandic buffet style breakfast for more than $20CDN. Oy. I read that the food is expensive here but man, that’s pricey relative to back home. I soon realize the justification for the cost: there is an included 25.5% sales tax; however, the food is well prepared and most of it is locally sourced. There is even an opportunity to take an omega-3 shot from straight cod liver oil. Wooo-ee!

My body clock is still trying to adjust and by the time I make it to the hotel room, I’m pooped and I accidently fall asleep. ADW and I wake up with just enough time to squeeze in one of the museums of the city: 871+2 Settlement Museum. The museum is dedicated to a historic Viking site of an early settlement house found in 2001. The name signifies the scientific methods to date the time, when they expect it to have been built, give or take 2 years.

On our way to the city center

A shop in the city center

I don't know what church this is but it's a prominent building that can be seen from our hotel which is a 20-30 min walk away
**EDIT: the name of the church is Hallgrímskirkja

The City Hall. There's a 3D model of the entire island inside!

I just thought this was a funny looking piece of art

That store on the right 66 North (the English website is here) is kind of like the North Face meets Canada Goose

Crocuses spring up all over people's gardens

We wander the city centre and snap some photos along our way until we make it to a recommended restaurant called Þrír frakkar. Here we dine on cod chins and minke whale sashimi.

Fish Hash with Black Bread "Icelandic Specialty"

Fried Cod Chins "gratin"

The city is getting darker and my body is starting to sync up with the time as I’m getting a little tired, we head back by foot to call it an early night in preparation for tomorrow’s activity the Volcano & Glacier walk.


  1. So cool to see the town, city hall is it (with all the moss on it) is totally neat! And the art pic did make me laugh!!! Have an amazing trip! :)

    1. they have some really neat places to visit but the best is the natural terrain and landscapes :)