Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lesson #14: Back to Basics

This lesson had a variety of exercises that we worked on.

As usual, we start with a posting trot to get warmed up but both NR and I moved into the seated trot quickly. This is still not something I enjoy doing. Aspen seemed to be of a normal energy level. I didn't have to try too many times to get him going and he was happy to get moving quickly: this is good news.

I haven't done any stretches this week and I feel it when I try to lengthen my legs down--my heels just aren't going down like they were, last week, and the "stance" in the stirrups didn't feel comfortable either. This affected my balance and I found it more difficult to do what I needed to. We continue to work on alternating posting trot with seated trot and I try to remember to engage my abs, relax my hips, check my diagonals and stretch my heels down; as if wrapping my legs around Aspens belly. Thankfully, Aspen's belly isn't like Rock's.

Sheri has NR and I work on the Cavaletti jump again with the 2-point as well as our canter. This time, my canter isn't as fluid. Aspen was far more responsive and didn't require Sheri to stand in the corner with a lunging crop. I'm starting to give the aids correctly and he's responding in turn. It's satisfying when it comes together. But, there are moments where I'm just not getting it and all that's happening is a really fast trot with me bouncing around a lot.

I haven't even started to work on counting Aspen's pace, leading up to the Cavaletti and over the ground poles. That's going to help with change-ups and getting the most from aids. But for now, I'm going to continue to work on the basics.

My goals for this week include:
- daily stretching
- sleeping appropriately
- reviewing the classical seat position

I have to perfect these fundamental things so that as things come together, I will be assured that I don't need to fuss about fundamental things which should be second nature.


  1. Sleeping appropriately ... trying not to make an innuendo here ... teehee! But I know what you mean, if you're well rested it will help everything else come together!

    1. LOL!!! what? it wasn't taken as an innuendo?
      k seriously now. :P getting enough sleep is important because i am pretty cetain that's why i fell off bonnie several weeks back. i was tired and i think i might have actually fallen asleep on bonnie and that momentary lapse was enough to send me off the side.