Monday, January 21, 2013

Something Old Becomes New, Again

Since moving my lessons to Fridays, I feel like there's a big void during my week. It makes the work week seem even longer than it usually is. When I had lessons on Wednesdays, it was getting me through the week since I already look forward to Fridays (who doesn't?).

While I was browsing through my Netflix library, I saw the Star Trek: the Next Generation series. In May, I went to Calgary to check out the 25th anniversary for TNG. I've watched episodes upon episodes of TNG but never in order and always through the eyes of a youth. I felt compelled to check out the first episode and see why trekkies are so taken with TNG. Not to say I don't love watching TNG, but I've never held the same type of appreciation for the series as AW and GM.

Everyone knows that Sir Patrick is a stage actor first; and that stage actors are usually particularly intensely skilled actors. And it makes total sense since they only ever get 1 take at their lines. As I was watching the first episode where Sir Patrick embodies Captain Jean-Luc Picard, I understood how fans become so enamored with his acting prowess. He's powerful, inspiring and convincing when he speaks. It's impressive because he morphs into the character in every aspect. I think that I gained this appreciation after seeing him on stage with his comrades of TNG at Calgary. His real life persona appears very relaxed, easy going and full of life. Not that Jean-Luc was by any means not passionate about life, but the fact that Jean-Luc is more militant, commanding and formal because of his character's station, I wouldn't have believed that his real life persona is not similar to his on-screen character was a real wake-up.

Just watch some highlights from episode 1 (Encounter at Farpoint):



  1. you are about to embark on a wonderful journey!

    1. i'm very excited. this is something that i should have done a long time ago :)