Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pre-lesson Anxiety

I haven't blogged this week at all. Partially because I've been busy but mostly because I've been completely and totally consumed with pre-lesson anxiety.

My lessons have moved from Wednesday to Friday and AW is joining me tomorrow!!! This is going to be fantastic because now any trips we go on, we can actually do equine related activities! WOOPIE! Can you tell I'm grinning ear to ear all week long?

I'm determined to be the best darned classmate ever and get him caught up as soon as possible. We've gone over the process of pre-tack and tacking to some of the basic seat and balance positions he needs to keep mindful of. I've even scheduled in daily stretching sessions so that he's nice and limber in time for tomorrow. But, with all this good news brimming out of every orifice, this first full week has been incredibly taxing on the psyche. Literally, every waking second I'm just excited anticipating Friday!

To get ready, we've gotten AW suited up (yay for Greenhawk January sale!) and we've bought a 3 lbs of carrots.

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