Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lessons #186 & 187: A cumulation of events

This post will be short since not a lot has been going on, in lessons. My Thursday night lesson was pretty much all flat work with me working on getting Ariel to canter and doing the trot and just focusing on position. In short, it was merely a lesson that I spent focusing on keeping me in check. But, I have been really tired lately that things are falling a bit on the wayside, even during lessons.

My Saturday ride was equally unexciting in terms of the lesson itself. I spent it puttering around on the flat and trying to maintain flexion with Ariel. She was being particularly cranky and bossy this lesson so I spent the better part of it getting her to listen to me. I know she's been testing me for weeks now. The end of this lesson was way messy. I have been expecting another event like this to happen though; Ariel took over and just ignored me and wouldn't listen to me at all. It was awful. And, if I wasn't as tired and just out of sorts, I would have probably been more embarrassed. It got to the point where Sheri had to come out to get Ariel into the arena again, after she refused my aids and decided she'd rather return to the stable. *mortified*

We all know this mare is very dominant and she is constantly testing things to see when she can surpass me, in our relationship. This seems to happen every few weeks so I know I have to be way more consistently diligent about getting what I want. "Ride through it" is my new motto. Even if that means I get unseated or otherwise. Better than letting her win, in this case.

She even flipped me the bird when I was returning her to her paddock. *siiiigh*

P.s. I have not forgotten about the "news"! Things are in flux sooner than I expected so I haven't gotten around to putting it out there. Stay tuned!!


  1. Oh wow, I see similarities between Ariel and Gemma. I will never forget the time she bucked me off, then ran around the outdoor arena bucking like a manic and refused to be caught (as I hobbled around on a wrecked knee). Then she stood in the middle of the ring, turned her head around to look me straight in the eye and farted in my direction. I think that was a very specific message for me, HAHA!!! Good you are keeping your sense of humour about the whole thing.

    1. i remember that post. my situation was not nearly as... layered, if you will. but i do feel the same when i feel helpless in trying to convince this 900lbs+ beast to move where i want.