Friday, June 26, 2015

Time to Shake Things Up

I wanted to get this news out sooner but with fluctuating events in my personal life, I am a bit delayed. I also have been feeling like I've been living in a fog. In the past, when met with a snarky comment, I was capable of quickly throwing something equally (often, more :P) witty and cunning. But slowly, I have less and less to say and felt less and less motivated to do much of anything (on all fronts). I've mentioned I've been struggling with my work life for a little while now and without going into detail, I have quit.

That's right folks, I'm voluntarily unemployed.

It's the best time for me to re-focus and evaluate where I want to be. I won't be unemployed long though... the thought of being unemployed makes me incredibly uncomfortable even though there is honestly nothing I'd want more, than to win the lotto,stop working and do whatever I felt like. Depending on my other half is not winning the lotto, in my opinion.

This turn of events arrives at a very fitting time because I'll be starting my work departure with a break in Calgary: I am going to Calgary Stampede. Hooyeah!!

A rider flies the stampede flag before a rodeo.
Check out the full post of the 2013 event, following the floods

We didn't originally plan for things to work out this way and my conversation about stampede happened several weeks previously. That said though, Stampede is an exciting event I have been thinking about in the past so when I got the call... I was particularly receptive: a call from +ADW a few months ago... "What do you think about Calgary Stampede? ... k cool. I'm going for work. ... okok calm down. I am trying to ask if you want to come too". Which the conversation ended with me squealing in delight.

The events we have planned, include a rodeo, chuck wagon race, cowboy for a day in Banff and lots of over indulgence at the food trucks/stands. It's probably exactly what I need, to get refreshed and ready for the next chapter of my life.



  1. i hoe you find a job soon. The Calgary Stampede sounds exciting; I love watching rodeos.

    1. thanks! me too. i don't want to wait around too long but maybe i'll take a summer to myself where i can ;)
      i'm really excited for the rodeo too!! YEEHAW!

    2. Best of luck finding a job! The Calgary Stampede sounds like fun!

      For some reason your posts quit showing up in my feed... I was wondering where you went. Hopefully they will pop up from now on.

    3. thanks! i am so distracted with the stampede at the immediate, the job part doesn't seem like much of a worry. hehehe.

      i hope that the posts have reappeared on your feed!

  2. so exciting about the Stampede - definitely something fun to look forward to! :D good luck with the work life situation too. quitting can be a hard decision to make - but i hope you're finding a bit of relief in this interim period!

    1. i am so excited about stampede! :D it's going to be a great way to kick off my interim freedom.