Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lesson #135: Let's Start Over

I had a great private lesson focused on jumping, on Thursday night. In fact, it went together really well where I joined the end of a previous lesson where they were focusing on slowing things down and so I used that session to warm up. Otherwise private lesson warm-ups are awfully boring.

When I arrived at the stable, I noticed that Ariel's got a new spot... in the very small pony stall. I guess she's been naughty this week so she's been moved again. LOL. That said though, this new location gives her full advantage to see everyone coming and going--I think she enjoys this more. The amazing thing too, is that as small as it is, she manages to go in forward and turn herself around to face out.

I had a really good warm up because I was being asked to focus on riding straight and deep into corners. Lately, I've been working really hard to keep focus during the warm-up and "ride every stride" so that I am preparing Ariel for the corners, continuing to ride her into the corners and maintaining a straight direction as well as keeping the hands still, elbows in and lower leg still.

Once the previous lesson's students finished their lesson, I was getting into a canter and we were cantering the arena to prepare for the jumping portion. Sheri laid out 3 very low jumps in a course and we went over them at the trot first. Then she had me go over them in the canter as I got more comfortable. I'm really glad she went back down to a low jump so that I could focus on the 2 point position over the jump because I've been struggling with that a good deal lately. I still need to focus on "squatting down and pushing my hips back while keeping my chest open". This is no easy feat. I get a few good goes, over the jumps but by no means was it consistent.

That's not too bad today... best to keep working anyways.

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