Monday, September 29, 2014

Lesson #133: It Feels Like It Was Ages Ago!

I started riding twice a week this spring and let me tell you, riding more than once a week does wonders for one's progress. I've noticed the improvement but I am sure those girls riding three or more times a week are real super stars for a reason! I mean when do I ever get to practice what I do up on a horse anyways? Other than the times I'm up there. So, when I got hitched last week, I only rode twice, in two weeks. I'd say that returning to the saddle after that much time actually was tougher than it's been in the past. I felt stiff and tight in my hips and things just weren't... fluid.

It was definitely a challenge to get back into things and it took just a little bit longer to compose myself. And this perhaps was not the best lesson to jump a small course.

Oh hAy. Get it, "hay"? Those were some close calls today... I need a snack.

We started with a good warm up of varying gaits of posting and seated trot and a good go at the canter. Then Sheri set up the jumps--four of them, to be exact. To get to the point, things were ugly for me and I nearly unseated myself once, was falling all over the place and lost the reins a couple of times. Probably one of my worst performances to date. It's great that we didn't canter the course and just went at it at the trot because I don't know if I could have handled anything more complicated.

Definitely not one of my better lessons.... *sigh*

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