Monday, February 18, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

I like to check out Youtube videos to see how to do things better, after lessons; like improving the canter seat. I had a rough bit with Indy since he was more lively than I was ready for so I wanted to understand what exactly I wasn't doing right. Aspen's been amazing with canters and I haven't felt out of control with him. But, as most viewers of Youtube go, you end up watching a whole bunch of things.

Tonight I found the video that is a series of clips put together which show the training that the Budweiser Clydesdale do, to become as wonder as they are. What an inspiring clip this is.

The Clydesdales are such majestic creatures. They're both imposing in size and presence. Watching them work when they're galloping full speed or jumping a fence just makes me smile and appreciate the amount of hard work that is needed to make these horses incredible performers.


  1. I love those Clydesdales! Almost makes me want to start drinking Budweiser ... almost. ;-)

    1. aren't they wonderful?? and i totally know what you mean... i felt the same way when i was watching the actual commercial... :S