Friday, February 15, 2013

New Family Additions

I love playing in the dirt.

Last year, I started a raised garden with my brother; we have 4 boxes situated on our south side of the property. While it's not a lot for a hard core gardener, it was a good start for us when we decided to undertake the task of growing some of our own food.

I've had gardens in the past. My parents supported our first garden attempt in a corner where the morning sun was warm and wonderful. We grew beans, peas, eggplant, tomatoes and a futile attempt at lettuce. It was an enjoyable project when I was younger but as life goes, things come up and that went on hold.

When my brother and I decided to undertake the garden, we visited the Home Show and met some garden guys who specialized in a) duck poop tri-mix and b) a new discovery: worm castings. I always knew that worms are good for your garden since they aerate and eat the dead stuff but I didn't realize that their poop is even better. In fact, people do a special kind of composting called vermicomposting. This got me thinking that I could do this at home; afterall, worm food is practically free. So, I bought a pound of red worms to help me with the home composting since we have a lot of kitchen scraps.

My mom wasn't too keen on the idea at first so I was surprised when she told me she added stuff this evening. I've had some trouble keeping pets that are not of a mammalian background so this will prove to be an interesting and challenging endeavour.


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    1. i didn't want to gross you out... but i don't mind! it can be a photo project to see how detailed and macroscopic i can make my series of photos to introduce my new house mates! challenge accepted.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this photo challenge :-)

    1. i'm sure that at least SOMEONE won't squeal like a girl when they see how detailed and close up my wormies are.