Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Introduction

A lot of my posts include reference to ADW. He's pretty much the Bonnie to my Clyde, Scully to my Mulder. The best way to describe our relationship is represented through the South Park episode where Eric Cartman disguises himself as a futuristic robot named A.W.E.S.O.M.-O and befriends the sweet and gullible Leopold Stotch (Butters) in the episode; also named AWESOM-O. Cartman plays a prank of Butters by disguising himself as a futuristic robot from Japan to discover his secrets so that he can embarrass Butters at school. The only problem is that the entire joke backfires on AWESOM-O and he ends up doing some particularly embarrassing things since he discovers that Butters actually knows one of his deep dark secrets...

Poor Cartman is panicked when he discovers this and tries everything to keep up the ruse so that he can counter this discovery! The mess that ensues is hilarious and highly entertaining to watch.

Although there was no mean prank to initiate ADW and my relationship, I feel our thoughts compliment one another so I asked him to contribute on my blog when I've run out of things to write about. I'm not sure where he's going to start or where he'll even go with his posts but I know that he'll keep things interesting. I mean who knows! We might discover one of his deep dark secrets!


  1. I LOVE this idea!! Can't wait to see what ADW contributes, this is going to be fun.

    Also: I like that he's the Bonnie to your Clyde. :-)

    1. he's a total nerd! it's gonna be something mega nerdy, i can guarantee it...