Monday, February 4, 2013

A Whole Lot of Heart, in "Bell Bottoms"

Some of you might have spent your lunch hour today, talking with your buddies about the Super Bowl and how the game went (I don't know how it went since I don't follow!) or you watched the half-time show anticipating a wardrobe malfunction or even sat through every single commercial because let's face it, this is the one time that people will plan to be seated the entire game--even through the commercials.

Many large companies invest a lot of money and efforts to create the perfect 60 or so seconds for possibly the biggest audience during the year. My pop culture maven, Amber, was naturally watching or at least catching up on some of the highlights of the evening and sent me the commercial for Buddweiser this year. I found the extended version and cried my eyes out some more.

I've always had an affection for these gentle giants who look like they're wearing retro bell bottoms. I immediately thought of Bonnie and all the antics she's pulled on me in the last little while. Riding her has been challenging but it's probably some of the most fun I have during lessons since she's got such a sassy streak in her!

I checked out Twitter responses about the commercial and while I was touched at comments like, "I was drinking Buddweiser and then I see that... how does a man not get humid in the eyes??? Only natural", I am now intrigued with helping name the new little guy! Actually... they didn't mention if the foal was male or female. You can betcha I'll be thinking about names too!


  1. Replies
    1. totally like bonnie! except a whole lot bigger...

  2. "humid in the eyes" is my new favourite expression. and it perfectly describes how I felt when I saw this commercial! Oh my goodness, when the little guy (or girl?) nudges the farmer, I lose it every time!