Thursday, October 4, 2012

Childhood Dream Come True

Every little girl wants a pony.

And every woman was that little girl at one point. You know what though? The desire never goes away... EVER. It gets distracted and set aside... but it doesn't take much and you'll have that little girl out in the open squealing with delight at the very idea of riding a horse.

That is me today. All week I spent counting down the days until I was scheduled to head out to Erin, Ontario to Greyden Farms for an English Riding lesson. I have never been more excited about anything in my life.

I haven't had the opportunity to get on a horse and have full autonomy since I was a child. I took riding lessons (western) during summer camp and those experiences probably stuck in my memory forever. But, as most things go... this is a rich man's sport and I'm not one of these rich people. But I'm lucky that NR found this place (despite it being so damned far) and we headed out that way. It a 1 hour drive north of the 401. This is the only time I wished I lived in a suburb subdivision.

The lessons are a refreshing change from the trail riding I've been doing the last few years--I have the opportunity to do as I wish (well, with an instructor) and actually become one with this majestic beast. I got on a sweet mare named Bonnie. She's described as "Kind and willing with a great mind." Sounds like my kind of horse!

NR got a funny boy who was giving her a run for her money as he decided that he didn't feel like doing much of anything. What giggles. Bonnie had an issue with turning a specific way.. kind of like Derek Zoolander.

I didn't get a chance to tack Bonnie but I helped her clean up and put her out in her pen. Really, I was squealing with delight the entire evening. Who cares that I got lost on the way up there and there was nobody for miles to ask for directions... or that a charter bus broke down and I got stuck for ~20 minutes on the 401 at 10:30pm. I was just SO EXCITED.