Monday, October 1, 2012


I hope you're not upset. I'm inserting a brief intermission to post about my weekend. We'll come back to Machu Picchu and the remainder of Peru in a few.

Soooo what's so exciting that I decided to interrupt my awesome Peruvian train of though? While Amber spent her weekend itching for answers, I was in Dwight, ON.

Nope, there's not a single pixel that has been post processed--that's the real deal. Of all the vacations I take, I look forward to and enjoy this one the most.

The past two years, we've stayed at Oxtongue Lake Cottages in 4-people cottages. This location is great because it's steps away from the park's west entrance and you're right off hwy 60. And, if you've got pets, this place is pet friendly.

This year, we mixed things up and stayed at Bondi Village. Though Bondi is a bit further from the park's entrance, the resort includes a farm area! How excited was I when I saw someone giving English riding lessons ~100m away!!! They also keep chickens here and in the summer, have fresh vegetables. This is my idea of getting away!

I went with members of my dragon boat team and we enjoyed hiking and just being still with nature. I saw a porcupine and deer and admit, being a city slicker makes all these critters neat. Han and I got really excited when we got to retrieve eggs for Nancy--while she was probably a-ok with us doing the work. Look at Han: what a chick magnet.

On Saturday, some of us head out to complete 2 short trails and get fresh air.

I have to take it easy this year because last year, following this trip, I got so sick that I was pretty certain I wouldn't make it. To this day, nobody's been able to tell me exactly what happened since the docs all said it wasn't viral or bacterial; seems like my "body just had a reaction". To what? Nobody knows... *dun dun dun*

When you stand there looking at the forest, it appears to be a cohesive piece of art... firey reds, oranges and yellows all painting a landscape of Ontario. But, when you're walking through the forest, it strikes you that each individual leaf contributes to the picture that you see--kind of like a living Monet.

Littered through the trails, there is a blanket thick with autumn leaves.

The most invigorating experience of the weekend was not hiking or even arriving at the lookout point on the Track and Tower trail. It was the peace I felt while standing on the edge of the dock in the dark with nothing but the stars and (full) moon shining on me basking in the silence of nature.

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